Math that Matters

As we are currently learning about global issues so we put our data detective hats back on to find out - What global issue Room 8 is most concerned about? Read more about 'Math that Matters'...

4 Riley Analysing his data and ruling bars for his graph2

Geology in Room 3

Where did our great lake come from? Why do we have steam coming up from under the ground around us? Why do we have rocks like pumice and obsidian around... Read more about 'Geology in Room 3'...

Making volcanoes in the sandpit2

Journey to the centre of the earth

We are learning how to think like scientists by observing our world around us while looking at what it means to be a scientist and explaining what we see and learn.

Read more about 'Journey to the centre of the earth'...

creating the earth crust 4

Marble Run Challenge

Elliot’s father worked with four boys from rooms 7, 8 and 9 to create a large marble track.

Read more about 'Marble Run Challenge'...

IMG 1986

Floating Eggs

We did so through the floating egg experiment. As a group, we first predicted what would happen if we dropped an egg into a glass of water. Read more about 'Floating Eggs'...

Egg 1

Marble Run Challenge and Explanation Writing

We wrote about marble runs and what makes them go faster or slower by using different materials such as sandpaper to create friction to slow the marble down.

Read more about 'Marble Run Challenge and Explanation Writing'...

Marble Run1