Room 2 Caring for our Environment

Room 2 has been looking at how seeds germinate and the conditions required for germination.

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No 1 Seed Germination

Science Makerspace Day

As part of our “Change’ Inquiry Room 3 took part in a Science-based Makerspace Day.

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Change Inquiry experiments

This term in Room 10 & 11 our inquiry focus has been around Change.

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Marble Run Challenge and Explanation Writing

We wrote about marble runs and what makes them go faster or slower by using different materials such as sandpaper to create friction to slow the marble down.

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Marble Run1

Epro8 Challenge at Taupo Intermediate

Each team was provided with an identical kit containing: metal rods, pulleys, a battery and cables. Read more about 'Epro8 Challenge at Taupo Intermediate'...

epro 2

Pre–School Science

Wairakei Primary School hosted a Young Scientist Event for local pre-schools. The new entrant classes and children from a range of early childhood centres took part in a variety of... Read more about 'Pre–School Science'...

Science Day

Wairakei Primary School teachers and the students held a motivation day on the science topic Change.The whole school participated in a rotation of learning groups. Read more about 'Science Day'...