What Do We Need To Be Happy?

The first thing we did was to discuss the concept of feelings and identify the four feeling domains of anger, sadness, fear and joy. We all agreed that happiness fell into the ‘joy’ domain.

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Twists & Turns

In the book, Sam is disappointed when all of the clown's balloons are given to other children. Then the clown makes her a special balloon dog and gives it to her. Read more about 'Twists & Turns'...

Twist and Turns2

Bright and Beautiful Mexican Art

Room 13’s country is Mexico and the students were able to explore and observe some of this countries artwork. Read more about 'Bright and Beautiful Mexican Art'...

Sombrero art 10

Step by Step, Little by Little

We wish students to acquire and begin to use sources of information and processes, to identify and express ideas when writing. Read more about 'Step by Step, Little by Little'...

Making butter Our results No 2

Morena Tamariki Ma

Some of the Ready to Read stories that include tikanga and te reo MaoriStudent VoiceTe Omeka’s Retell of Maui and the SunOnce upon a time there were four brothers. Read more about 'Morena Tamariki Ma'...

We start each day by saying our school Karakia with pride and respect2

Minute to Win It!

Children then took part in a rotation of 60-second challenges that use objects that are commonly available around the house/classroom.

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Working Memory Matters

Working memory is where your child stores the information needed to complete a task.

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6.Working in groups helps share the memory load

Art & Craft Master Class

They have been learning new skills and techniques while they have been experimenting with different media. The activities included stamping, scraping, weaving, cutting, and threading. Read more about 'Art & Craft Master Class'...

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Amazing Maths Connections

The game is based on the popular Connect Four game and requires students to roll two dice and find their sum

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