Taste testing for passions

Te Mihi community students have been engaged in sampling a variety of passions driven from our Te MIhi teachers. In Room 2, we have engaged in an explosive range of rocket design and take off. In Room 4, we have been stamping, improvising and crafting creative ways to express ourselves through Drama and Music. In Room 3, we have been capturing the beautiful nature of our school and blending, mixing and changing aspects of colour. Join us on our journey as we begin to capture beauty through the lens.


Inquiry passion projects geometry nature

We learned that when taking photographs we need to look at different perspective and take a lot of photos from different angles until we are happy with that one perfect shot. Getting in close, stepping back for a wider angle shot and moving around your subject to shoot from different sides.


photography passions perspectives geometry nature

I learned how to take photos from different angles like birds eye view and more.  Lennox

I learned to use the fog and the wet dew for a great photo. Holly

Have you ever heard about the rule of thirds? Part of our taster we learned that centering our subject in the imaginary intersecting lines in the ⅓ of the image. This means the subject will be off centre and the audience will be able to be drawn to background as well as the subject.


photography rule of thirds perspectives geometry nature


photography perspectives nature beauty


photography perspectives looking down

I learned that if you don’t get your picture perfect then don’t give up. Just take another shot. Victor

I learned how to take photos from different perspectives. Darryl

We discovered that red, blue and yellow are our primary colours and you create secondary colours when you mix red and blue; this makes purple, yellow and blue; this makes green and yellow and red; this makes orange.


Blending colours Primary colours secondary colours colour wheel

Student voice - I learned to layer colours to make them darker. Vanessa

For blending colours I learned about what colours to mix to get secondary colours. Ariana

The next step was to blend these colours together so we create a beautiful transition from one colour to the next. The techniques we learned were layering, burnishing and using a colourless blender.

I learned when blending colours try shading the whole box one colour first then start the blending.  William


Blending colours layering burnishing colourless blenders


Blending practise makes perfect pride


Blending technique practise makes perfect pride


Blending technique practise makes perfect pride


Blending technique practise makes perfect pride

Check out some of our finished masterpieces.


Masterpiece proud photographers designers


Masterpiece proud photographers designers


Masterpiece proud photographers designers


Masterpiece proud photographers designers


Masterpiece proud photographers designers


Masterpiece proud photographers designers

Keywords: Photography, Blend, Angles, Perspectives, Geometry

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