Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

What is the dream in Room 9 for 2022?  

To apply teamwork skills in a variety of different settings. 

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Room 9 talked about the skills they needed to show in order to work together as a team and came up with the following ideas:

Trusting your peers, communicating with them to share your ideas and opinions, working together to solve problems and having fun.

How do we practise these skills. Mrs Isaacson loves drama, so she shared a picture and taught us how to make a freeze-frame image. Our extension was to create two more freeze frames - one that showed the action 30 seconds before the original picture and 30 seconds after the original picture. 

The fun part was when we got to move without talking and roll the three pictures together.  We had to share our ideas and decide as a group which ones we would like to do.  Lots of communicating for that.  Amber



As a class, we also practised our teamwork skills using digital technology to showcase our learning. In groups, we were learning about how to write an algorithm. This involved getting a character from one point to another by writing a set of instructions.

We had to communicate with our group, so we could make different paths.  It was tricky sometimes if we all had different ideas, so we would have to decide which one was the best. Sophie

We had to figure out the instructions together, so the steps would work, and we had to talk to each other.  It was fun when we got to share our ideas with the class and see if they could follow our group's instructions. Sam



We took our teamwork skills outside. Mr Thompson shared Adventure Based Learning activities with us. This involved working in groups to achieve a shared goal, rising to a challenge and having fun.

We needed to cooperate with each other in order to make the rope shapes, otherwise it didn't work.  We had to trust each other, so we didn’t fall when we were doing the balancing activity. Oscar



It is amazing that there are so many parts of our school day that we actually have to work as a team. We will definitely get better at it by the end of the term. Emma

Key words: Communication, Teamwork, Cooperation, Fun, Trust.

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