Technology Challenge 2

Room 7’s next steps from our technology challenge 1:

  • To refine our directions and change them if we found things that didn’t work.

  • To try the obstacle course blindfolded.

  • To omit some directions when reading them out.

Mrs Isaacson gave us back our original algorithms and we had to update them.  We looked at the directions that didn’t work and re-wrote them.




Then Mrs Isaacson told us we weren’t allowed to use the words ‘forward’ and ‘turn’ so we had to think of other words to use instead. 

We said 90 degrees instead of turn.  But then that got tricky when the angle was less or more than 90 degrees. Kevin

It was hard to not use the word turn but Jordyn-Lea’s instructions were clear because I didn’t bang into anything. Rea

We changed forward to in-front and turn into degrees. Brooke

It was easy to not say the other words because we had written them on our algorithm. Holly

The last surprise Mrs Isaacson had for us was that one of our group members had to be blindfolded when they went through the course.

Once we had re-worked our algorithms it was time to have a go.






Our new directions worked because Te Whetu didn’t hit anything when he was blindfolded. Keanu

The rubbish bin was knocked over a few times but luckily it didn’t get broken. Ashtin

We realised that the size of our steps made a difference to how close we got to things, it needed to be the same size. Mac

It was fun going back to this task and changing bits of it up. It made us think about our directions being clearer, keeping our group member safe and not breaking Mrs Isaacson’s thing on the floor that we had to go around.

Key words: technology, algorithms, directions, oral language, forwards, turn.

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