The Beauty (and Challenges) of Choreography

Summer Concert inquiry had us exploring different kinds of music from different era’s as well as from different countries. Room 9’s inquiry was insightful and helped us create, learn and choreography our own group dances.

Interrupting our favourite parts of Summer. We discovered all of the class liked BBQs, swimming, summer sports, ice cream, water fights, and the beach. We searched for the music we thought provided the sounds that made you think of these things. 





Anna: when you want to have a water fight you want it to be a beautiful hot day.

Eric: there is that song beautiful day we could try that song.

Tessa: Surfing in the USA is all about the beach we could borrow my boards from home and make up a dance.

Haylen: Great idea I like the part we do in the go noodle dance we could add that in.

Luca: The song paddling pools has some of it where it makes me think of swimming.

Lachlan: I like the beat and the words.

Amelia: Vanilla ice ice baby, or ice cream and guacamole both are about ice cream

View our The Beauty (and Challenges) of Choreography video here

We were practising hard for our summer concert when things changed and we decided to do a whole class dance. Pulling off an amazing version of surfing in the USA

group choreography 3