The Big Eruption

Room 4 have been learning about planet earth and beyond. We are exploring and describing our local environment we have around us. Our big focus was our local volcanoes Mt Ruapehu, Tongariro and Ngauruhoe as well as how our lake was formed.

We then shared our findings on posters



2019- Aratiatia- TheBigEruption 01

Molly - we learnt that there are active, dormant extinct volcanoes.

Lucy -  when the volcanoes erupt it means that they are angry.

Then we had to do planning and research on how to make the best volcano. We watched many different clips that informed our learning on what tends to work best and the equipment we needed. Once we had made a list of resources we had to write letters home to our family asking if we could please have some newspaper, cardboard, plywood, and even one group needed chicken wire.

Once we had all the resources we could get started,

The fun then began!

We firstly had to find a base for our volcano and what were were going to use in the middle so we could have an ‘real’ eruption. The different groups decided to use bottles and plastic cups that were hot glued to the bottom of the cardboard.

Finally, we were onto paper mache, different groups explored different techniques.



We had to be patience while when applying many different layers as we had to allow for drying time.



We then had to paint them. We made then look as real as possible, by including the effect of lava going down the sides. We also put a layer of p.v.a glue to help seal and make our volcanoes last longer.


Finally we got to test the experiment, we used baking soda and vinegar, with a hint of red food colouring.  





Watch one of our volcanoes exploding - here


Keywords: Volcanoes, Experiment, Exploding

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