The power of words, balance and daring

As part of our inquiry ‘In Your Own Words’, Rooms 5, 13, 14, 15 & 16 visited Taupō Library and Mount Tauhara Gymnastics Club. This was a great way for students to be introduced to all the wonderful writers and poetry at our local library. 

Our inquiry focuses on oral language, vocabulary extension and descriptive writing. As part of this inquiry we were also exploring and sharing ideas about relationships with other people so the Tauhara Gymnastics Club provided a fun local environment where the students could practice the social skills they have been learning about in class. These included expressing their feelings,  sharing, listening to others and working together

When we arrived at the Tāupo Library Kevin (in his wonderfully colourful jacket) and Arliana greeted us. First, Kevin shared some amazing poems with us. He even managed to find some from some young students who used to attend Wairakei Primary School. Next, we played the “colours” game where the children were each given a colour card. They had to think of something that looked, felt and smelt like the colour card they had been given. Then the children were given the opportunity to have some of the amazing books read to them by our parent helpers.

I picked a book at the library and mum read it to me and Jackson. (Lachlan Rm9)

I picked a book about a roblox to read because it has four games that I could learn to play. (Falanisi Rm5)

There were so many books. I like the library. (Koha Rm15)





After the warmth and quiet of the library we headed across to the town park to refuel with some kai and burn off some energy by playing at the park.

I went up really high on the spider web thing at the Town Park. (Heath Rm9)

It was fun spinning round on the disc with Lilee and Alysha. Levi’s dad helped us to spin faster. I felt really dizzy like I had been swinging on a roundabout. (Laura Rm5)





Finally, we travelled to the Tauhara Gymnastics Club. First Emma explained the rules of the gym and she also did some warm ups and stretches with us. There was so much cool new equipment to try like the rope swings, mini tramp, bars, beams and balls to throw on the mat. One of our favourites will always be the foam pit and luckily Ella’s dad helped hoist the children from Room 5 & 9 out. After 45 minutes of free play we were exhausted so a relaxing parachute game calmed us down ready for our trip back to school.







My favourite was the Gymnastics. I thought I would disappear in the foam. (Erica-May Rm9)

I liked the Gymnastics Club. I kept jumping in the soft spot (foam pit). (Jack Rm9)

I helped my friend Elyse to learn to crawl on the mat. Karen, Elyse’s mum and I were trying to get Elyse to do physio. (Briez Rm5)

I loved the foam pit because I got to jump off different heights platforms. It was tricky getting out of the pit. (Max.S Rm5)

I hung from the bars. I tried to swing my legs over but it was too hard. (Mikayla Rm15)

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We always knew that this trip would be amazing and also lots of fun. Thank you to the Taupō Library and the Tauhara  Gymnastics Centre for making our trip possible.  We look forward to seeing Kevin from the Library as a special judge at our Te Huka Poem and Speech contest. 

We would like to thank all the wonderful parents who supported us on our trip to supervise, transport us and hoisting students to special heights and out of the foam pit.

Keywords: poetry, description, vocabulary, teamwork, co-operation, sharing, EOTC, library

Curriculum links: English - Oral Language and Writing; Heath and Physical Education - Teamwork and cooperative games

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