The Writing Process

Students in Room 14 have been building their writing skills by writing everyday with the aim of having their published story completed and published on the wall.

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Writing should always begin with a plan and a brainstorm. These help students generate ideas that they can then use to draft their stories. Steps that Room 14 students follow to record their ideas for writing.  

  • We choose a topic. 
  • The children use a picture plan to record their ideas.
  • With teacher support we brainstorm topic words we might need and record them on the board for everyone to use.
Here is my Taonga. I have drawn my go cart, my bike, man, my cuddly toy and my dogs.

We are now ready to write. Once we have written our drafts we read it back to a buddy or the teacher and ‘edit’ or make improvements.

Emmanuel, I have written about my motorbike because it is my taonga. Miss Wright helped me with hard words like motorbike on my brainstorm.

As a teacher, motivating the class to want to write is key. Introducing topics that students are excited about is important. These might range from writing about a ‘hands on’ activity we do before we write, or writing about a topic related to our inquiry or even free choice writing time.  

Throughout the writing process I provide feedback to help students improve their story writing skills. This includes highlighting what they have done well and providing a next step. Students are encouraged to check if their writing makes sense and to edit any mistakes using a word card.

My writing makes me happy, I write lots, and when I get stuck I use the words cards or sound words out. When I sound words out, Miss Wright helps me check it is right. Emma-lee

Finally, we publish and share our work for everyone to enjoy. Publishing allows students to see their work up in the classroom for others to enjoy. Sharing their writing with their peers and their buddy class gives students a real sense of achievement.

I am happy when I see my work with a slide on the wall because other people get to see it. Tegan

Learning to write is a complex skill. By providing a clear process where students plan, draft, edit, publish and share, Room 14 are well on their way to seeing themselves as writers.

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