Three Bears

Room 12's Mathematics Strand focus has been Measurement. Mrs O’Sullivan arrived at school with porridge and lots of different sized bowls.

Our learning involved comparing the volume/capacity of containers using the context of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Learning Intention 

  • Compare the volume/capacity of two containers by pouring

  • Order the volume/capacity of three or more containers by pouring

  • Recognise that the two matched amounts remain the same when one amount is poured into a container of a different shape.

We compared the volume and capacity of a number of different containers by pouring from one to the other.

We used this direct comparison of containers to order Baby bear’s, Mummy bear’s and Daddy bear’s porridge containers from those that have the least to the most.

First Mrs O’Sullivan read the story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. The children had to identify which bowl belonged to Father Bear, Mother Bear and Baby Bear. 

I asked the students some questions including which bowl do you think has the most porridge, why do you think that one, how could we find out which bowl has the most porridge. 






The problem is the bowls are different sizes and shapes (Jacob)

Could we use a bowl that is the same size to check how much porridge is in Baby, Mummy and Daddy bear’s bowl (Bianca)

We should a cup to measure how much porridge is in each bowl (Scarlett)

We decided to use a smaller bowl to measurement how much each bowl has in them so we could compare them. They recorded our findings in their books.

Room 12 also explored whether two different shaped containers can have the same capacity. We investigated this question using a variety of containers and poured water from one to the other.








It was fun pouring water from one sized container to another (Hunter)

Some of the containers were different shapes but they had the same amount of water in them (Ana)

Room 12 children all commented on how much fun maths can be - so goal achieved. Maths can be fun.

Keywords: Measurement, Capacity, Volume, ContainersCurriculum links: Mathematics - Measurement

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