Treaty Time

New Year, new class, new treaty. Room 3 has created a great big, colourful treaty display in their classroom.  

We started the school year by learning about the Treaty of Waitangi and its importance as the agreement between Maori and Pakeha which made the beginning of New Zealand.

We did some writing about the Treaty of Waitangi and the importance of our New Zealand public holiday - Waitangi Day.

Next, we read The Treaty Tree House by Wiremu Grace. We used this book as the base for a class discussion into what rules we needed to agree upon for our classroom to make it a safe and enjoyable place for us to learn.  

To give us ownership of our treaty we all wrote rules, on post-it notes, that we thought were important to have in our class. We categorised our rules into our schools' 'Power 4 learning' values of respect for self, others and environment. We found a lot of us wrote the same or similar rules. We made sure our rules were written in a positive way and agreed upon the major rules we needed for our classroom. We wanted to limit the number of rules so that we could all remember them. We also came up with visuals to go with our rules to help us remember them.

Here are the rules of Room 3’s class treaty:


Walking Feet


Inside Voice


Be kind


Work hard




Show respect for self, others and environment


Be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing


Hands in pockets if you feel angry

We also created a list of steps that will be taken if class members do not follow the treaty rules.

Consequences of not following our treaty and steps to help you get back on track:

  1. Verbal reminder of the rule you are breaking

  2. Name on board reminder

  3. Thinking time in another class

  4. You will call home to tell your family how you have broken our class treaty

We used the symbolism of the tree in The Treaty Tree House to create our class treaty display.  We wanted the tree to be big bold and colourful so it would catch our eyes and remind us of our expectations. 

We used an idea we saw on Pinterest to collaboratively create a Kandinsky circle tree.  We all made coloured circle designs to act as the trees leaves. If you look closely at our tree you can spot some fun and unique designs too.  


Finally, when our treaty display was on our classroom wall, we all signed our treaty. Signing our treaty showed that we agree and promise to follow our treaty rules.

Put your hands in your pockets if you feel angry. This will help stop us hurting each other. Lachlan H

I am getting really good at being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. Caleb

We have a hard work marble jar and if we all work hard we get to put marbles in the jar and have a treat when it’s full.  Amber 


Amber hard at work making circles for our treaty tree


Amber and her writing about Waitangi Day

We need to respect ourselves, others and our environment. Bianca 

Being kind to others is a rule in our treaty.  We have been learning about the importance of being kind.  Ana

Waitangi Day Writing

Waitangi Day is a day when you don’t need to go to school. Waitangi Day is on the 6th of February.  We celebrate Waitangi Day because it is important to New Zealand. I am maybe staying at home or going to the lake. By Trend

Waitangi Day is a day when you get to spend time with your family. On the 6th of February it is Waitangi Day. On Waitangi Day me and my sisters are going to ride my horse. By Amber

Waitangi Day is a public holiday. It is on the 6th of February. We celebrate Waitangi Day to remember the treaty and also to have a family fun day. I am going to spend time with my brothers and sisters. By Arkayzhia

Waitangi Day is an important day to get together with family and friends.  We need to remember the treaty because the treaty was made for all the people to stop fighting and get along.  Waitangi Day is on the 6th of February. By Pippa


All these rules belong under respect for self


Annabelle and our copy of The Treaty Tree House by Wiremu Grace


Arley and his writing about Waitangi Day


Room 3s class treaty display


Tessa and Lachlan next to our class treaty display


These rules are all part of respect for others


These rules are all part of respect for our environment


Travis and a circle he made for our treaty tree


Trend and his writing about Waitangi Day


We had to make heaps of circles so our tree would be big and colourful


Working together to create our treat tree display

Ideas: Select, form and express ideas on a range of topics

Keywords: The Treaty of Waitangi, class treaty, collaboration, power 4 learning, ownership

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These rules are all part of respect for others2