Turning Words into Diamonds

Room 10 has been learning to create a Diamante Poem as part of their writing process in class.  

A diamante poem is a good way to introduce verbs and nouns and use new vocabulary about topic like Matariki.

A diamante poem is a diamond-shaped 7 line poem. It begins and ends with 1 word usually, and each line has 1 more or 1 less word than the last line. The longest line in a diamante poem only has 4 words in it, and none of the lines are complete sentences. The sentences are made up of all nouns, adjectives, or verbs that describe the topic.

Using this type of poem allows students to demonstrate their understanding of new vocabulary, nouns, adjectives and verbs in a simplistic way.  The students have worked very hard on creating their poems this term and the knowledge they have learnt about verbs, nouns and adjectives will continued to be developed in their daily writing. 

How did we go about doing this activity?

Room 10 watched a video about Matariki written by Waitangi Teepa and illustrated by Thaw Naing. The words are very descriptive in this story and it provided me as the teacher with opportunities to show my students what nouns, verbs and adjectives are in context.  

I typed up all the words to the story and gave a sentence to each of the students in my room. They were given highlighters and worked with a buddy to find verbs, nouns or adjectives, using different coloured highlighters. This was done over three days and at the end of this process  the students provided me with all of the words they found and it was put into a word chart. 








Next the students learnt how to construct a Diamante Poem.  They each  chose the appropriate verbs, nouns and adjectives for each row.  They also kept in mind that they should only use a word once.  The students then created a Matariki star to adorn the top of their Diamante Poem. 



View Room 10 student voice videos here

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Group Photo of Poem 9