Understanding Uniqueness

What is uniqueness and how can everyone be encouraged to embrace their uniqueness? 

The students in Room 4 have been exploring how we are all unique in different ways. First we brainstormed what it meant to be unique and came up with many different examples. They discovered that the word ‘unique’ is an adjective that means it is describing a noun which is a person, place or thing. 



Laila. T said that we all have different thoughts

Taylor said we are all different sizes short, tall, big, small and inbetween

Joseph said we are all extraordinary in our own way.

Everyone went away and made short statements using these  starters I am, I can, and I have. This was a good way  to learn more about the class peers and what makes them who they are and how individuals think differently.



Our motivation story was called 'Only one you' by Linda Kranz. This story inspired students to think about what makes them who they are.  

Lexi said  that it makes us all different

Danika said  to do your own thing, and not copy others

Hunter said  there is only one of you

Liam said we need to make the world a better place

 These short statements lead to a  piece of writing titled “I am unique”  to be published and shared in the classroom. These are true and factual statements about the class as individuals. 


Following is a short clip of us singing our individuality song, this reminds us each morning that it is okay to be different, and how we each have different thoughts, feelings and opinions.  

Video: understanding Uniqueness here

The students in Room 4 feel happy, excited and proud when they sing the song and when they come to school. 

Curriculum Links: English, Health and Physical Education, - relationships with other people, Visual Arts, Social Science 

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