Vibrant colours

Room 13 has a Mathematical focus of Statistics. We have been learning how to ask a statistical question, gather data, sort data, display the data using a pictograph and communicate what was found out from the data.

Learning Intention: 

Pose investigative questions with support from the teacher and make a display of the data collected. 

First the class learnt about statistical questions and why we ask these questions.

Next, we learned that we need to collect the data. Room 13 did this using a tally chart and then displayed the data to make it clearer to see visually. As a class, we learned about what a pictograph was and how to create one. 

 Room 13’s statistical investigation topic was about the favourite colours in Room 13.

 We decided on “What is the most popular favourite colour in Room 13?” as our statistical question.

There were a couple of students who asked if they could think of their own statistical question. This came linked to our  'Art In the Park'  inquiry where the students had been learning about primary colours, secondary colours, warm and cool colours.  

Gnapika’s statistical question that she thought of was what is the most popular primary colour? 

The class collected the data by standing up when Miss Partridge read out the name of a favourite colour out and as a whole class we did a tally chart for each colour. 

From this data  we could see the most favourite colour.

Katie said: Yellow is the least popular colour in this class. 

To display our data we used a pictograph. Miss Partridge had drawn a template for the children to use to display their pictographs on and a square template for the children to colour in to represent each colour on our tally chart.  

As a class we brainstormed different titles to use in the pictographs. The class decided that the title should be 'The most popular favourite colours of Room 13'. 

Working out how many squares were needed was hard. There needed to be on square for each student in the class. 









Room 13 looked at what other information we could gather by looking at the pictographs.

Purple and pink are both the next favourite colours. (Ava)  

More people like green than orange. (Cameron) 

Keywords: Statistical investigation, data, tally chart, display information.