Violent Volcanoes

The Taupo area is well known for its geothermal activity. Many classes have been looking at volcanoes as part of their inquiry into ‘Our Place’. Room 2 made some beautiful volcanic inspired art and wrote haiku poetry with Mrs Young. 

The Artwork

As a group we discussed the difference between cool colours and warm colours and identified red, orange, and yellow as colours associated with fire and explosions, while blue would be a perfect background colour and would represent the sky in our artwork. Individually students started by dying an A3 sheet of white paper blue, and then using black paper to draw and then cut out our volcano shape. Once the dye had dried we glued our volcano silhouettes to the bottom of our paper. Mrs Young then watered down some tempera paint in red, orange and yellow, and dripped it onto the paper at the top of the volcano. Without help students used straws to blow the paint up the paper to make it look like the volcano was erupting. 







Everyone  had to be careful not to spread the paint too thin to avoid the watery paint mixing with the dye. Privately we realised that when the colours mixed, we ended up with some interesting coloured lava! Individually the students  discovered that red and blue made purple, and yellow and blue made green. Some of us made smoke and rocks out of the black paper to glue on at the end.

violentvocanoes-room2-07.jpgDorian’s completed volcano


Tegan’s completed volcano


Kauri’s completed volcano


Casey’s completed volcano

The Poetry

Once our artwork was finished we brainstormed a list of words that came into our minds when we thought about volcanoes. Mrs Young wrote them all down and we thought of loads! Mrs Young then introduced Haiku as a form of poetry. Haiku originated in Japan and is normally written about nature. It has a special structure: the first line has 5 syllables, the second has 7 syllables, and the last line has 5 syllables. Everyone  practiced clapping out words and names to count the syllables and then collaboratively wrote a haiku about storms to practice. It was a bit tricky sometimes to get the right amount of syllables for each line. When it came time to write our own haiku about our volcanoes we used the brainstormed words and came up with some fantastic poems to go with our artwork. Here are some of the poems we wrote: 

Volcanoes erupt

A Volcano is scary

Hot lava comes out


Lava is ash fire

Flaming bubbles of lava

Firey lava… run!


Fire and ash explode

Volcanic tubes magma blobs

Erupting lava 


Non-stop explosions

Volcanic tubes of lava

Lava is creeping


Volcanoes erupt

Volcanoes have hot lava

The lava goes down


Up go the ashes

The volcano bursts lava

The ashes split up



Room 2

Key words: Art, volcanoes, our place, poetry 

violentvocanoes room2 06