Vast and Versatile Vocabulary

Is there a Royal Order of Adjectives?

The answer is yes. The students have learnt about the various categories of adjectives that allow the writer to create a visual picture for the reader.  The students worked in pairs to think of examples for the class.

I didn't know that you could use so many different words for adjectives. I learnt that there is a Royal Order of Adjectives and you can include your opinion, like noisey or courageous to describe something or someone.  It was really fun working in pairs to write our descriptions using the Royal Order of Adjectives.  I am going to try to use more and different types of adjectives in my writing from now on.  Emma



Amazing new vocabulary has surfaced during reading and the students have researched a picture and definition to go with each word on their individual T.I.P. (term, information and picture) charts in their google drive.


Room 12 have also been building their vocabulary with varied oral language activities. In the ‘4,3,2,1’ activity, the students repeatedly share their news with varied partners for an increasingly shortened period of time, to encourage them to be concise and use keywords and specific vocabulary.

It was so much fun talking to my friends in the 4,3,2,1 circle about what we had done during the weekend.  It was tricky when it got down to only 20 seconds. I had to talk faster and only say some ideas.  Seth

In a doughnut circle the students think of a describing word for a noun that their partner has shared with them, and either the inner or outer circle moves for students to keep exchanging new ideas.

The doughnut circle was a fun activity because you could chat with your friends for a while about your news and then chat to a new friend when the circle moved.  The challenge was when the time got shorter.  Mithesh


Two students created tactile models to enable them to focus on new sounds and words to use in their writing.

It was cool making the lego.  I had to think quietly to follow the plans for each design.  Grayson



A very popular activity was learning new Te Reo ‘praise’ vocabulary.  The students each created a ribbon with a new Te Reo phrase or word which they presented to a deserving peer.  

To enable the students to understand their current statistics tasks, we have created a ‘word wall’ of mathematics vocabulary to refer to throughout the day.

Many new words have been discovered during the reading of our current ‘Des Hunt’ chapter book and it has been very encouraging to see students referring to these and using them in their writing.


An incredible list of varied ‘friends’ adjectives have been created by the class. The students worked together to sort their ideas into groups on a large piece of red card. Students unpinned and then, after using them, repined them on the board, to help them construct several different verses in their free form descriptive ‘Friends’ poem, which are still being completed.


One of the creative learning journey tasks has been to use the new ‘friends’ vocabulary to create word art.

It was fun to use all the new friends' vocabulary words to make a fun ‘word art’ picture.  It helped me learn the new vocabulary and to remember to use them in my poem.  Lilly


Putting together all the new words to write a ‘Friends’ poem has been a big job.  The following poems include new vocabulary and language features.

I have learnt how to write a simile and include questions and adjectives in my poetry so that it is funnier and more interesting for the reader. Lilly

I have learnt how to write similes and include onomatopoeia, questions, alliteration, repetition and adjectives in my poetry to make a clearer picture for the reader. Declan

I used words from the new vocabulary charts in the room to write my poems. I pictured what I was thinking in my head and then included similes and adjectives, onomatopoeia and questions so my reader could picture the poem in their head. Te Omeka








It has been exciting creating the calendar art in Room 12 and even more exciting ‘googling’ new and interesting adjectives to describe our artistic creations.  




I used new vocabulary in my Hybrid poem, like powerful and webbed to make it more interesting for the reader.  Stacy

Doughnut circle