Volcano art

In Room 13 Inquiry topic has been volcanoes. We have been learning about what makes a volcano erupt and to explain the different stages that volcanoes can go through. As part of our learning we have also created our own volcano pictures using a variety of materials for our calendar art this year. 

Achievement Objective: 

Explore a variety of materials and tools and discover elements and selected principles. 

Learning intentions:

  • To go in one direction when we are colouring or painting.

  • Using our knowledge of volcanoes and a variety of materials to create a volcano.

  • Use a youtube tutorial to sketch a volcano

We discussed what we would need to have in our volcano art and the colours we would need to include.The students said we would need to draw lava, rocks, magama, grass , and a crater. if we were to draw a volcano that is in the middle of the sea we would also need to include water. The students said that the mountain would need to be brown or black and the lava is orange, yellow and red. We had been learning that magma and lava are both moron rock, the molten rock is called magma when it is under the ground and it is called lava when it flows through to the earth's surface. We decided that it would be a bit difficult to draw magma and we decided to draw active volcanoes which would have lava. We were using korus as part of the lava that erupted out of the volcano. 

Magma is when the rock is inside the volcano and lava is when it bursts out of the volcano. (Matthew). 






We discussed what shapes and other objects the volcano and the koru’s were similar to.

The volcano looks like an ice cream cone. (Katie) 

The koru looks like the spiral pasta. (Skye). 

Spiral shells at the beach. (Grace).

First we started off doing a draft version of our volcano art. The students started off by drawing their volcano freehand on our first draft copy, the students struggled with drawing the volcano and the korus. So we decided to use a ruler instead to draw the two diagonal lines for our volcano and then a semi circle for the crater. The students found this easier using the ruler; the volcanoes all looked very similar. For our final copy we followed a drawing tutorial video on how to draw a volcano instead. The students found this challenging at first and a few students had to do a couple of practice copies. 

Once we had drawn our volcanos, korus, grass or water we used wax crayons to colour in our volcano art. We learned about going in one direction when we are colouring in, painting or using dye and what the visual difference is when we go colour or paint in one direction in small strokes compared to multiple directions and large strokes. We dyed our background blue for the sky and made people to represent us to go on our volcano art. We then used cotton wool balls to create the clouds in the sky to finish off our volcano art. 








Keywords: Inquiry, create, apply & volcano art