Wai Challenges

Beginning the school year in the warm summer weather has allowed our students different opportunities to collaborate. Some activities incorporated the use of wai (water) and students were quite excited to participate in the hope of getting splashed.




The first STEAM challenge incorporates a combination of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics tasks. The challenge was to move a cupful of water using a student-designed, custom-made bracket to hold the cup on your head. Balancing the cup was an option but not advisable!

Students worked together in a group,  sketching their ideas then building using tape, glue to create their prototype. Resources available were ice block sticks, ribbon, and student imagination.



The activity explored technological modelling, as part of Level 3 of the Technology curriculum, understanding that prototypes can be used to evaluate the fitness of technological outcomes for further development. 



The Key competencies  participating and contributing, and thinking were extended. Students gained a lot of ideas by looking at each other's creations, and they had lots of questions. Clare’s team was the quickest to the finish line, and Declyn kept the most water in his team’s cup.

Can I attach the cup to my head? What about my hat? - Keiran

Can we use more cups? - Darrius

How can I put the ribbon in? Can I glue it? Does it fit on my head? - Declyn



More fun with water took place in the afternoon, with team games including both Te Mihi classes. Students passed cups of water over their heads in relay challenges and played ‘Pass The (Wet) Sponge’. Both games resulted in lots of laughter and some refreshing soakings to end the day.

 View our Wai Challenge video here.

Keywords: STEAM, Wai, Engineering 

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