Warm and Cool Colours


Room 13 has been exploring ways of creating a piece of art to represent the role of the sun and moon. We drew around a circle shape to make an outline for the sun and moon with a sharpie. We drew a moon face shape in the centre and added facial characteristics like a nose, eyes and a mouth. 


We worked carefully to add warm and cool colours and add design shapes after the warm and cool colours had been applied.


Students making their artwork 





Emily: I learnt that you could have one side warm and one side cold.  I found out about colours that were warm and cold and we put them on the sun and the moon.

Dali: I learnt that art is fun and you need to follow the instructions for it to look good.

Blade: I learnt that the sun is hot and the moon is cold and dark and that is why we used warm and cold colours on our artwork.

Lilly: I learnt that the warm and cold colours are different because they are made up from different colours.  The colours are very, very different.

Keywords: Inquiry, Science, Arts, Student Voice

Artwork warm and cool colours Photo 7