We got the POWER

Room 9 not only practice POWER, we teach others about ways to use POWER. 

Room 9 has started exploring our understanding of what POWER means to us. Throughout this journey we had some great conversations around the different ways we show POWER in our daily lives.

Next we used our developing digital fluency skills to represent these ideas in a range of different digital formats.

Digital storytelling involves combining digital media (images, voice, music text or motion) to tell a story.

Room 9 used the scratch coding program to code and created a digital story that shows a few of the different ways to use Power. 

We had to formulate problems as these determine how to use the elements in Scratch to construct their digital demonstration. We had to think about characters, setting, sequencing, and perspective. 

Next they had to use algorithmic thinking as they created code to make sprites move and communicate. Then they Identified, analyse, and implement solutions in the ordered steps they created to make the program work as they envision it.


We have the power Hana

Hana: It was tricky to clone all my code to make everything to move at the same time


We have the power Bailey

Bailey: It was hard to make the hats move with the people.


We have the power Emma

Emma: I am proud that I worked out how to add my own voice



We have the power Anna

Anna: Making the broom move so it looked like she was sweeping was hard.


We have the power Amelia

Amelia: I found it easy to control the people. It was difficult to get the people to listen to me.


We have the power Harry

Harry: It was fun to create animation, making the scratch characters do as i tell them.

This way of thinking helps to improve students’ problem-solving solutions in their learning.

Watch our videos here We have the power class and Lilly's We have the Power.

Lily: Informing others, on ways we can show power, makes us role models.

Keywords: Scratch, POWER, Respect, Power 4 learning, Scratch,  Algorithmic thinking, Digital storytelling,

We have the Power Emma power