We love to write

As part of our structured literacy programme in Room 4 we have had a focus on simple sentences. 


Together as a whole class we decided that to make a complete sentence it needs to have :

  1. A capital letter at the beginning, for people's names or places

  2. Finger spaces between words 

  3. End with either a full stop or another type of punctuation. 

  4. Most importantly we need to make sure it makes sense. 

We used this check sheet to make sure we had everything we needed in our sentence. 


We got to work with a buddy to orally share sentences that made senses and went with a picture. Miss Nicholson started off giving us sentence starters. Once we got the hang of it we were able to think of our own sentence starters. We had to remember that when we write a simple sentence it starts with the subject which is a person's name, a place, it, he, she or they. 


Next came writing down our own simple sentences that went with a picture. We did this on a whiteboard first to practice before getting to write 4 simple sentences in our book. 


Take a look at what we came up with: 


Tane said The boy was swinging high in the sky.

Ryleigh said The van is for sale.


Zoe said The children are swimming in the pool.

Keywords: Structured Literacy, Simple Sentences, English

Curriculum links: English - Speaking, Writing and Presenting

We love to write 03