William Retell

Room 5’s Push Pin country is Switzerland and we didn’t know this until we watched the story of William Tell, a Swiss folk hero.

Mrs Graham showed us a real crossbow that was used in the story to shoot the apple off Carl’s head. We then wrote our own retelling of William Tell. As part of the English writing strand, students are required to organise and sequence ideas and information with some confidence. This is particularly important when retelling a story, as it needs to make sense.





As we presented some of our writing to the class, we got to pose with the crossbow. This really made us sit up and listen. It was great to see students using key competencies such as participating and contributing and using language, symbols, and texts.







William Tell by Maraea

One day, William Tell and his son Carl went to town and didn’t bow to Baron Gessler’s hat. He was in charge of the town. So Baron said, “Hey, come back here, you dogs!” William said no. “Guards, go and get them!” They got the son and wrapped him to the tree.

“Give my son back!” shouted William.

“No, you have to shoot the apple off your son’s head and I will let him be free.” So William shot the apple off his son’s head. The arrow went through the apple and the tree!

Carl got free but William didn’t get free.The guards put William on the boat and they got stuck in a storm. So the guards said, “William is good at using boats.” So William went towards the rocks and crashed into them. William jumped off before they crashed and got the arrow ready to shoot. He shot the arrow into Baron and he fell overboard. He was never to be seen again.

Once the drafts were done, we were able to choose how we wanted to share the folk tale - either by hand, on Google Docs, on Pic Collage, or Book Creator. You may like to come and see examples of our writing displayed in our classroom. We have paired these with some drawings of crossbows. Some of us learned how to draw them by watching a lesson on youtube, while others did a sketch of the real thing.


Cameron and Asti even chose to re-enact the story of William Tell. You can see Asti playing Carl, with the apple on his head, and Cameron as William. Asti did change the outcome of the story when he pretended to be shot dead by Cameron.




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