Winegum Bridges

When first informed they were going to try and build Winegum Bridges, everyone in Room 8 exclaimed, “What’s a winegum?” Well, they soon caught on.

Students were given a set of instructions regarding bridge-building - the bridge had to reach from one Jimbos container to the other, with a focus on creating a long bridge. They would be measured in a class competition, as this gave us a chance to try real-life measuring and to talk about different units of measurement, such as mm, cm, m, km. What does 37.8cm mean? What is this in metres? Or millimetres? What would we use to measure real-life bridges? Lots of talk was had about our local ETA bridge.

At first, students were told the bridges were not to have pillars and could not touch the crocodile-infested ‘water’ beneath. However, in keeping with reality, many bridges do have pillars and arches, and having these allowed our bridges to be much longer.

Bonus points were given if you could drive the dump truck across the bridge. Some bridges were extremely bumpy, others were semi-smooth. Points were taken off if your bridge was too dangerous, curvy, or fell apart mid-crossing.

A few fake lives were lost to the crocs, and a lot of fun (and a few winegums) were had by all.


1 We learned about types of bridges first


2 Onyx wanted total autonomy when it came to his designs (and winegums)


3 Amelia modifies her design


4 Work ends for the day


5 Bridges were all shapes and sizes


6 All hands on deck


7 Very bridge-like, Daniel and Beau


8 All sorts of ideas began to appear


9 Possible toll charges apply for this long bridge


10 Points for smoothness here


11 It_s a bumpy ride over this bridge


12 This bridge is a bit short on length, heavy on winegums


13 We measured the bridges, with points off of danger. Bonus points if the bridge held the vehicle or it didn't fall through to impending doom

9 Possible toll charges apply for this long bridge