WOF (Writing or Fitness?)

As writing is a whole-school goal this year, teachers are looking for ways to give students multiple exposures to new skills. This means practising new learning in different ways. It is common for students to do writing in their writing book or on a Chromebook, sharing it with a buddy and the teacher. Rarely do we write outside! Integration is a great way of revitalising something we do every day. When looking for fitness activities at Sport New Zealand, we discovered a useful resource called Ideas to get kids moving in the classroom and beyond. Our teacher trainee Miss Kearney found an activity integrating writing with fitness.

Integrating writing with fitness helped to inspire reluctant writers to take part. With the support of their team for ideas, students were focused on being the fastest to run to the whiteboard and back to their next runner. Key competencies being further developed were participating and contributing, thinking, and using language, symbols, and texts.



Students were then challenged to create collaborative sentences using their recent learning around compound sentences.They had been practising FANBOYS, an acronym that supports the memorisation of different types of compound sentences. Everyone had learned the following coordinating conjunctions - For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, and So.





A bit of friendly competition was employed. Points were given based on the use of the following: use of a subject, use of a verb, writing a complete thought (does it make sense?), readability, first team finished, a beginning capital letter, a full stop to finish, capital letters for names, extra punctuation, and most interesting sentences.


In class, students have been working on using a variety of sentence structures, beginnings, and lengths, as is expected in Year 6. Students were given sentence starters to kick-start their ideas, allowing them to be creative with the endings. They enjoyed writing funny and slightly ridiculous sentences.


He was upset, for he missed his trip to London. - Ava


Ava likes fishing and she caught a rainbow trout. - Emily


My sister neither likes tomatoes nor broccoli. - Luca

My mum can’t ride a skateboard, nor can she do a backflip. - Luke


Lennox lost his ball, but found it again three months later. - Darrius


Matt’s favourite movies are either Ice Age or Godzilla. - Ali


My mum makes me eat my vegetables, yet she doesn’t eat them herself. - Lennox


Blake was accepted to go on a trip to the moon, so he started packing. - Luca

Mrs Graham forgot her lunch, so she stole Mrs Farquhar’s lunch. - Rhea

Keywords: writing, fitness, sentence structure                                                                                                            

Attributed to: Olivia Graham, Room 8 Miss KearneyCurriculum links: English - Writing, Health and Physical Education 

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