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Room 9 have had fun exploring the world around them using the House of Science kits. Through a variety of experiments we investigated plants, pests, roots, Earth, the Moon, absorption and transmission.

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The wide range of hands-on experiments provided great opportunities to to make scientific predictions about what might happen and encouraged us to have deep discussions about what we observed, and








Harry: The green spray was not visible when you sprayed it far away from the surface. This was because of the surface area covered.

Finn: When you sprayed the red far away from the paper/surface it looked like blood spray.

Lexi: This is how plants suck up water when we water them. The way we water them matters.

Lily: We found it easy to the whole paper by making sure the distance was right, too close and it soaked a small patch too far away and it sprayed droplets landed so far apart it was hard to control the coverage.

We then took a virtual science trip to space and started exploring the differences that exist between Earth and the Moon. Using ‘moon sand’, we learnt about meteoroids and the impact they can have on the Moon. Imitating meteorites crashing into the moon to examine the differences between the craters that cover the Moon. Eagerly we experimented with different sized model meteoroids(sinkers) and heights (starting at container height reaching above head height). Taking turns to drop them into moon sand and examine the evidence left behind in the craters. 







Dane: I found it interesting that as the ball got bigger the cracks in the crater became deeper. The higher the ball was dropped the deeper the ball within the sand it went.

Nathan: When you looked at the crater the layers had different cracks depending on the height it was dropped at. 

Quade: I only got a few turns, but it was interesting how the magnets weren’t strong enough to pull the bigger metal balls out of the sand.

Having these rich discussions has helped us practice, agreeing and disagreeing with others in respectful ways. We are able to voice our opinions and know they might be different from others but that is okay.

Keywords: Science, space, nature

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