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It is important to go through the process of writing, right from pre-planning and brainstorming through to editing, revising and publishing. To do this, we practise writing using the prompt - Why should you send your children to Wairakei Primary School?

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Brainstorming together as a whole class of all the awesome things that we love about our school gets us thinking. Then these ideas are used to create a plan of what students like and what they think other students and parents would love about our school.

Some ideas were about the maze and gully (we discussed how lucky we are to have this, and how we think we are the only school in Taupō with these opportunities!).

Together we talked about how our school shows POWER every day and that makes our students kind, caring, and that they show excellence as you walk through the playground and classrooms. 

We also discussed how the students have fun and the kind teachers not only teach us but also participate with us in the playground, including the end of year water fight.

We learnt to plan different ways in our books. We looked at bullet points, lists, brainstorms and Y charts. I used bullet points for my next plan.

Taking those ideas, students started their first draft, making sure they had all ideas from the brainstorming down on paper before they started to revise and edit. The aim is to make a polished version of our work. We learnt that it is ok to not have our writing perfect on the first go, and that sometimes our ideas come to our mind as we are working.

Writing and Editing

When it came to editing and revising, we worked on changing our words to make them more enticing and interesting, trying to remember who our audience is. A focus for this was going into more detail. People outside of Wairakei Primary won’t know what POWER means, or may not know what the Gully is. We fixed up our spelling and continued to add more detail before getting ready to publish.



Aramaera Publishing

Where to Send Your Kid to School.

Well, you should send them here to Wairakei Primary

School, and here's why.

When you come to Wairakei Primary School, you will see

students showing whānau in classes or outside and

respect. When you go into classes, you will see students

showing POWER and working on their Chromebook or

working in their book.

We also have many activities like water day at the end of

every year. You will need togs, and you also can bring a

spare change of clothes just in case.

We have a Pet Day when you can bring your pets and do

fun stuff with them, and there is other stuff you can do.

When you come to school we have a breakfast club so if

you haven't had breakfast you can go there.

We also have skiing in June and July and we have year

4-5-6 camp. We go to the Gully with slides and traps so

don't touch those, and this is the reasons you should come.

We have more fun stuff.

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Using the skills we have learnt in Digital Technology, we got on to our Chromebooks and began the publishing process. Students learned that when typing on a device, we have to make a conscious effort to add capital letters and press enter to create a new paragraph. Some even had a play around with different sizing and fonts to make their piece of writing more appealing.

Our final pieces of work were a great way to remind the students of how lucky we are at Wairakei Primary.

Chloe Publishing

Hi, I'm from Wairakei Primary School. I am going

to tell you about our school.

Wairakei Primary has a maze that you can play in

with your friends, an awesome gully where you can

play hide and seek and tag. At the end of the year, our

school has a water day when you can wet the teachers

and have fun.

We have a camp at Blue Light, and have a bike day

with Kathe.

The best of all in my opinion is Pet Dau where you

get to bring your pet that you have been training.

This is why I think you should come to Wairakei

Primary School because we have kind kids.

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Jacob: I learnt how to do my publishing on a Chromebook. It was easier than using an iPad. I had to change the size of my writing to make it big and small.

Maxwell Publishing

When you walk into our school, you will see students

showing pride in their work and respect in their uniform.

The school is clean and tidy. That's why I reckon you

should come to Wairakei Primary School.

We have amazing teachers. I bet you there is no better

school than this one. We also have a gully, maze,

laptops and breakfast club. We have the best students

in the breakfast club. We have toast and milo’s.

We have two playgrounds. One has a slide but it’s for

the little kids and on the other playground we have a

climbing wall. There are lots of other things to play with

in the gully. We have lots of fun stuff in there, like dirt


And we have an Enviro group where you plant trees

and there is this thing called Rangers. They set

mousetraps around the gully. Do not worry, it's safe for

you to play around the traps.

Our school is the best. You should come.

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Keywords: Writing process, plan, edit, revise, publish, Wairakei 

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Teagan Hill

My journey in education began in 2016 as a teacher aide. My passion only grew as I worked with the students around me, and I began my teacher training.

Wairakei Primary is a place where I myself can continue as a learner and also support the students in my class on their learning journey. There is a real community feel from both the whānau of the school and the staff within, which makes it feel like home.

I moved to Taupō in 2021 for a change of scenery from my hometown of Thames, where I spent most of my life. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with friends and whānau at the beach or riverside in and around the Coromandel.

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