Zooming Along

Room 13 has been learning about how to incorporate similes into their writing to make their writing more interesting to the reader.  

First the students watched a short video clip about hot air balloons and saw a variety of hot air balloons.  As a whole class Room 13  did a brainstorm using a ‘Y’ diagram of what a hot air balloon looks like, what it might sound like and what it might feel like if the students  were to go for a ride in a hot air balloon. Each writing group looked at what a simile is and thought about what they could compare the hot balloon to.  

A hot air balloon looks like a floating lollipop..  - Robert. 

A hot air balloon looks like a unicorn. Alysha. 

A hot air balloon looks like a floating ball Carter. 

In the writing groups, some of the students included similes into their writing while other students found this a challenge, instead they described what a hot air balloon looks like using adjectives. Room 13 will  be continuing to learn about incorporating similes into their writing. 

I found it a bit hard to compare it to something else.- Skye. 

It's good to be challenged because we learn something new. - Grace. 







Learning intentions: 

  • To incorporate similes into our writing. 

The student made hot air balloons out of coloured paper to go with their hot air balloon writing. For this activity the students drew clouds onto a piece of white paper. They were given a choice of cutting out the clouds using straight-edged scissors or using pinking shears. Then the students glued the clouds onto blue paper to represent the sky. Then they chose three different coloured balloon templates which they cut around each balloon template and glued one of the balloon templates down onto their  ‘sky’ background. Next, the students  folded the two remaining balloons templates in half and put glue down the centerfold of each balloon template. Lastly the students used a small black rectangle that had been pre-cut as their basket  which they glued onto their sky background. 






The hot air balloon looks like a chocolate pop. Aiden 

My rainbow hot air balloon goes high in the sky. I think my hot air balloon will go up into space. Emmy. 

The hot air balloon was speeding through the sky. Finn 

The hot air balloon looks good in the sky. Robert 

The hot air balloon looks like a rainbow coloured unicorn. Alysha 

The hot air balloon look’s so so big like it was going to crash into me, I was like a pancake. I went home that day so flat. Sadie. 

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