Years 5-6


Task 1

LI: To find information in texts


Read Weta

It would be great to see if we had any weta in our school gully.

Where should we look?

What does a weta need to survive?

Task 2

LI: Retell the main events in a text


Read Lost in the Bush

What happened to the group in the story?

Write down the main events.

Task 3

LI: to find information in a text


Read: Olly’s Cicadas

We have cicadas down in our gully - and just the other day a student found one that was shedding its skin.

Create a poster about the cicada and include 5 facts that you learnt from the article.






Warm Up

Free Write


Look out a window in your house. Write down everything that you can hear and see.

Paint a picture in your reader's mind.

Task 1

LI: write a simple explanation.

Watch this video: What if kids and adults switched roles? 

Write an explanation of what you think the world would be like.

Task 2

LI: summarise into our own words

Read The Zoo Debate

What are the main points of either side of the argument for and against zoos?

Write a summary paragraph of each side of the argument in your own words.


Inquiry - How Salty is the Sea?

LI: Conduct a scientific investigation

SC: I can follow the structure of a  scientific report and use subheadings.

  • Write a scientific experiment report 

  • Question

  • Hypothesis

  • Materials

I can share my findings from my ocean current experiment

I can use scientific language

Watch the Nanogirl video: How Salty is the Sea? 

Conduct the experiment and use the headings above to share your findings.