Looking for Mrs Farquhar at lunch time? Look for the long snaking line of students at the skipping rope. Jump in, jump out and off they go, happy and excited. Some still have to "Learn It". Others have reached the "Prove it" stage. Many will remain, comforted to be in a safe inclusive group.

Since 2010, I have been the passionate, proven Principal of this vibrant, successful, and innovative school. It's without hesitation, I say I'm focused on "accelerating growth factors for student learning outcomes", while investing in innovative solutions to mitigate some of the biggest challenges facing education.

My style is fostering a culture of professionalism formed on a solid foundation of critical reflection. My own professionalism is expanded through a network of advanced educational practitioners. Practitioners who extend my theoretical, philosophical and pedagogical base. Fundamental in my belief, is strategic dialogue will map learning and teaching so innovation and creativity can flow into an innovative curriculum.

From considerable leadership experience, I know the school's vision has to be a collective vision, "crafted collaboratively". The continuously evolving vision must be student driven with ambitious academic goals. Raising success hinges on operating according to values and beliefs tied to vision. Daily I will ask: "does this decision help realise the vision?"

Positions: Principal, Board of Trustees
Teams: Board

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