Cross country training

Cross country training is taking place here at Wairakei Primary School. We are very excited to compete in Week 5 on the paddocks of the neighbouring farm.

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Te Mihi Spelling Superstars

On the 16th August the Te Mihi Community had their spelling bee competition. This was to find our individual speller and a team of four spellers to go into the... Read more about 'Te Mihi Spelling Superstars'...

Anna 1

Wairakei Beats, From our senior school

This group of boys have been working on our school iPads using an app called Drumpad24. They taught themselves to use the app and practiced the skills to a performance level.

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Wairakei Beats 2016 08 5

Yoga with Debbie

Debbie, Max's Mum, came into Room 9 and worked with us on stretching and breathing. The children worked together in a circle and enjoyed the new experience. Read more about 'Yoga with Debbie'...

yoga 3 20161

The Day the Drone Came to School

Bronson came to school to is show us his drone. We were very excited to watch the drone fly over our school and playground and see a birds eye view... Read more about 'The Day the Drone Came to School'...

Drone 2016.08 11

Check out our playdough earth!

Room 10 had fun making planet earth using different colours to represent the different layers. This is part of our learning about the lithosphere. Read more about 'Check out our playdough earth!'...

Earth layers 20

Open Evening

Got 'Starting School' questions? Join Us Wednesday August 3, 6-7p.m. to have your questions answered. Read more about 'Open Evening'...

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Room 7 Painting

Taking the time to check out each others work and share ideas.

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