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We built a Power Station made of glass and iron. There are pools of very hot water coming from under the ground. The bubbling is made of soul sand. There are pipes going through the power station with water in them. The wire makes the turbine and then goes into a generator and it sends power to these homes. There are lots of cooling towers to cool the water flowing through. We made a big power station.

After the water flows through the Cooling Towers, it flows through the factory into the ground, which then flows back over to the cooling towers and restarts the entire process again, and again. This is why it is called renewable energy.

How the power station works

Heat or Hot water is pumped through a pipe from the earth's crust and turned into steam in a flash tank. The flash tank is very, very hot.

The steam goes through another pipe and turns the turbine, which the generators produce electricity that is exported to the grid.

The grid leads through power to other Power Lines/Transformers. Transformers are power lines which bring power from a Geothermal Power Station through to normal power lines, then to homes.

The big tower you might see is a cooling tower. The water leftover from the turbine goes through into the cooling tower to cool the water down, which goes through a pipe back down to the underground to do the process again.


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