Welcome to Wairakei Primary School

A friendly, supportive inclusive rural Taupō community school for year 1-6 children.

Our educational mission is simple, yet significant—Wairakei Primary School works in partnership with our community to grow our children into confident lifelong learners.

Your child will learn in a supportive caring community environment. They'll be actively encouraged to innovate without apprehension, so they can achieve significant success, rewarding them with power and confidence for lifelong learning. 

We'd be delighted that you join us.




2022 Term Dates:

  • Term 2 May 2, 2022 to July 8, 2022
  • Term 3 July 25, 2022 to September 30, 2022
  • Term 4 October 17, 2021 to December 15, 2022


Wow! Two years in a row! Wairakei Primary School makes it into "Top 10 New Zealand Blogs" for 2020

"Teachers and support staff write blogs. Students can also contribute their own voice or write a blog. Over the years the blogs have progressed from simple samples of learning to engaging and informative blogs that are tracked across the world by our family and other teaching professions."

Read more here

From insightful commentaries on New Zealand’s education policy to lovely classroom blogs showcasing students’ and teachers’ incredible work inside the classroom, there is so much to praise about the New Zealand blogging community.

This lovely state primary school just north of Taupō and close to the Waikato River offers brilliant schooling in a beautiful location - two things which come across strongly within their education blog.

Read more here

Wairakei Primary School makes it into 'Top 10 Education Trends for 2019', Core Education publication.

Ten Trends group had been searching our website for a while and used our 'Modern learning' link to share with schools both nationally and internationally. You can check us out on this link. It is a big thing to be acknowledged for the work our teachers do in the classrooms. It is great to see our students using our concept of 'Learn it Prove it'. It’s such a great concept.

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foley matisse 9


I do not literally paint that table, but the emotion it produces upon me. - Henri Matisse Read more about 'Matisse'...


The Arts, Thinking, Using Language Symbols and Text, Managing Self;

5 hours ago

Jenna Foley

Integrating Art 3d sculpture 4

Untapping the Skills Within

Room 10 have been using the following quote by Scott Adams “ Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep”. Read more about 'Untapping the Skills Within'...

Te Mihi;

English, Technology, Relating to Others;

6 hours ago

Angel Chauval


Clock Dribble

Clock Dribble sounds like a funny name for a sports game. Students make a large circle and the ball is passed clockwise (to the right) or anti clockwise (to the left). Read more about 'Clock Dribble'...

Te Huka;

Health and Physical Education, Participating and Contributing;

6 hours ago

Suzanne Flowers

Merc camp overnight School 202220220607 125349

2022 MERC Taupo Camp

Tackling the Taupo environment over three days, in three groups, we set off to the challenges. Station one was a day-long hike at Opepe Track with Soul and Sam. Read more about '2022 MERC Taupo Camp'...

English, Mathematics, Physical Education, Relating to Others, Managing Self;

27 hours ago

Angel Chauval , Bluelight , Sir Peter Blake MERC and Wairakei Camp

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