Leaving a Positive Footprint

Room 13 students discussed how they could leave a positive ‘footprint’ around Wairakei Primary. A footprint meaning leaving some kind of impression or impact.

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Room 13 observed there were many White Butterflies flying around the school. As we know they like to eat vegetables and other kinds of plants. Our question was: ‘How could we attract other varieties of butterflies to our learning environment? The solution was to create a Butterfly Garden. The garden would provide an attractive element to the school grounds. Not only are butterflies beautiful, they are also pollinators. Overtime the butterfly garden will benefit the health and growth of other plants in the school.

The butterfly garden was made so we could attract butterflies and people can see the butterflies.

The garden needs plants. Plants need water, air, space, sun, and dirt. 

Butterflies like nectar so we will need plants with flowers. 

After researching which plants provide the best source of food and shelter for butterflies we purchased  asters (purple), coreopsis (mango tango), echinacea (purple), pittosporum (little kiwi) and dietes (bicolour). The students buddied up and planting began.

I gave my plant some fertiliser so that it will be healthy and grow. 

The plants will burn if the sun is too hot. 

Mulch was put around the plants to keep them warm. 

A hole was dug for the plant so it didn’t fall over. 

Keep talking to them, water them, and give them love. 

Give them water if it is too hot and the dirt dries out. 

First my plant had one flower and now it’s got two. 

My flower used to not have petals on it. Now it has pink petals.   Alice

My plant has got wider and it has more leaves. 

My plant used to not have buds and now it has got buds. 

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Leanne Jackson

I have a long history of being part of the education world. My experiences include being a parent, grandparent, and teacher. I have had training in both Early Childhood and Primary School.

I have been working at Wairakei Primary School since 2014 and I am teaching in the junior school. I have a strong belief that all children are capable learners and I am passionate about developing learning programmes that are creative, challenging, authentic and fun with my team. I nurture the children’s curiosity while encouraging them to become self- motivated and independent learners who understand what they are learning and why they are learning it.

I enjoy working in the supportive learning community of Wairakei Primary School where children, families and teachers learn and grow together.


  • Liana May 14, 2024, 12:55 PM (16 days ago)

    Excellent work room 13! I wonder how many flowers your plant has now Issy? We love butterflies at home too.

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