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A trip to the gully, the maze, and the aquaponics unit have helped Room 12 unpack what an ecosystem is and to use these experiences to write information reports for the first time. Multiple exposures to new learning can support students to develop, retain and learn new skills. When it is interactive…

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By digging for bugs, counting birds,  and feeding the fish in the aquaponics unit, students had hands-on experiences that they then used back in the classroom to write their stories.

What they had to say

An ecosystem is where things live. They need certain things to survive.

The poos and wees that the fish make, feed the plants. We have to keep our hands out of the containers so we don’t put bugs in. That could kill the fish.

I found a cool centipede in the bug hotel eco system.

I almost stepped on the dead bird we found in the gully. Ms Bowler put it in the leaves so it would rot and be part of the soil again.

We used tally marks to count the number of birds we heard and saw in the gully. We thought there would be more. Maybe we need to plant more native trees so there will be more birds.

Information Report

We made a poster with a buddy to show the different parts of an Information Report. You need a title, a general statement, some facts then an ending.

The trips to the gully, the maze and the aquaponics unit provided us with information and experiences to include in our Information Reports.


Our next steps are to ensure that we include a good ending and that we include a few more facts. We are also learning to publish our own stories either using paper or a chromebook.

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