Steam All The Way - video script

A: Hello and welcome to our geothermal project, I’m Alyssa.

I: I’m India S: I’m Sophie G: I’m Gracie a: and I’m Avery

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I: Today we're going to tell you about our geothermal power station.

S: These are our hot spots. This box here shows the water coming up from the ground.

G: This is our office where our workers work.

a: These are our power lines and over here is where our steam gets turned into power.

A: how to make steam into power is in three steps.

I: number one is very hot water is converted to high pressure steam

S: number two is high pressure steam is converted to mechanical rotation of a turbine shaft

G: and number three is the rotating turbine shaft then drives an electric generator.

a: the generator makes the power and sends it to the power lines.

A: Water is then sent into a cooling tower. This causes steam to come out.

I: Then water is cooled down and sent back into the earth.

S: Water can be heated and used again. This is why it is called renewable energy.

G: We used lots of materials. We used cardboard, paint, plastic, water, dye, flour, Lego, straws, cups, hot glue, toilet rolls, plastic bottles, fairy lights, cotton balls, nylon, and popsicle sticks.

a: Nylon was used for the power lines. Popsicle sticks were used for power lines. Toilet rolls were used for the turbine and generator.

A: Straws were used for the pipes. Cups were used as the cooling towers. Cotton wool was used as the steam. Hot glue was used for putting it together.

I: We hope you enjoyed seeing all our hard work.


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