Stop, Think, Go - Drop Writing

Drop writing is a way to build writing skills and stamina. There are a few rules to follow to guide students when writing:

Write the whole time, no stopping
Do NOT worry about spelling, punctuation, and grammar
Push yourself

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Students in Room 1 have been building their writing skills and stamina by completing eight minutes of drop writing. They have two minutes of think tank time as a class where any key words are written on the board. The eight minute timer starts, the class is silent and focused on writing.

At the end of the eight minutes, students are given a chance to finish the sentence they are on. After changing the colour of their pen, students circle the first word of every sentence. This helps identify where sentences start and end. At the bottom of the passage, the first word of every sentence is written with the number of times it is used. As a result the variation in sentence starters can be noticed.

Students count up how many words they have in each sentence. The aim is to have less than 15 words per sentence. Identifying different kinds of sentences -  including as red, white, and blue, the short sentence, and adverb start sentences  - is helping students to experiment and explore using varying ways to record their ideas. As a result, writing is becoming more interesting and students are challenging themselves each week. 

What are we noticing?

Our drop write passages are increasing in length, the vocabulary being used is improving, and the variation in sentence starters is also increasing. This is a great way to develop writing skills, stamina, resilience, and a love of writing.

Drop writing is helping me write faster and understand what the sentences are.

I am getting faster at writing my sentences in drop writing. I am better at sorting out my ideas for writing too.

I am faster at writing, my  sentences are getting better, and I use different kinds of sentences. Plus I am trying different sentence starters more now.

At the beginning of doing drop writing, I used to use the same word over and over. Now I know how to use different words and I am getting better at thinking about how to make my sentences interesting.

I find the drop writes a bit hard but they are getting a bit easier now. Practising is good for my writing. 

Drop writing is helping me write better. I use different sentence starters and am able to write more each time. Soon I would like to do the brainstorm by myself.

I find writing hard. Doing the drop writing is helping me to get better at writing more and my ideas are getting better.

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Carla Ross

I am passionate about our students, teaching and learning, particularly in the areas of literacy, digital technology, physical education, and the Arts. I believe that forming positive relationships with students and whānau are at the heart of success for everyone.

I enjoy Wairakei Primary School for the whānaungatanga and maanaakitanga where close connections between staff, students, and the wider Wairakei community are fostered and enjoyed.

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