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With the New Zealand elections fast approaching, Room 1 students embarked on our learning journey by tackling a physical education activity to learn about decision making for a greater purpose.

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We made up two games and then tried them. We chose the first one because we liked it better. Everyone shared their ideas and we tried to put them all in the games.

The challenge: in teams of four, work together to create an original game using two hoops, a ball, and a skipping rope. 

Decisions had to be made about the rules of the game and where it is played. Ten minutes of planning time was given, then it was testing time. After trialling the games, students were given a chance to discuss the outcome and make modifications. Remembering that while they were sharing ideas and opinions they had to be considerate of others and listen to other people's ideas with an open mind.

During reflection time, students discussed the outcomes of the decision making, who took a lead role, if everyone was involved or if some students stepped back from the decision making process and were happy to go along with the majority or if they felt unheard.

Some interesting games were invented and trialled. Learning about working together and making collaborative decisions was hard and needed extra work. This was a great learning experience for all members of the class.

Our team tried to work together but we had a bit of trouble. Deklyn came up with most of the ideas and we were happy to try them. Some of us couldn’t think of anything to do so we let Deklyn lead.

One of our team members tried to take over the ideas. We had a few disagreements about the ideas, then decided to go with her ideas - they were pretty good though.

Briez had most of the ideas so we did her games. They worked okay, we would have liked to be able to share our ideas and try them too.

Three of us made the decisions for the game and Scott was the ‘yes’ man. He just said ‘yes’ and ‘okay’. When we tried the game it was going well until the ball went over the fence then we had to change where the hoops were so there was less chance of the ball going over the fence again.

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Carla Ross

I am passionate about our students, teaching and learning, particularly in the areas of literacy, digital technology, physical education, and the Arts. I believe that forming positive relationships with students and whānau are at the heart of success for everyone.

I enjoy Wairakei Primary School for the whānaungatanga and maanaakitanga where close connections between staff, students, and the wider Wairakei community are fostered and enjoyed.


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