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Developing a positive class culture is important for student learning and wellbeing. Room 3, has integrated developing our class culture into art and literacy.

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The four letter inspirational word challenge

Firstly, students had to come up with a four letter word that they found inspiring. Yes, they could use Google. Everyone's word had to be different. If it was already taken they had to find another. Next, students had to come up with an explanation as to why they found that word inspiring. Finally, students had to follow instructions to create a block letter, colourful, and patterned display of their inspiration word.

Learning Intention: express their ideas and feelings with others

Success Criteria 

  • I can decide on a four letter word I find inspiring.
  • I can explain why my word is inspiring to me.
  • I can follow instructions to create a block letter, colourful, and patterned display of my inspiration word.

Students unpacking their ideas around why they found their four letter word inspirational

Rise - I wanted to use our school word POWER but I couldn’t because it is five letters.  So I looked for another word that means POWER. In the end Mrs Sprague helped me work out “rise” which is cool because it’s part of Rising to Success.

Free - I thought free was inspirational because free makes me feel alive

Goal - I think goal is an inspiring word because you can set a goal in class and if you achieve the goal you might get better at something.

Epic - Exciting Power Intelligent Cool 

Epic is inspirational because it is one of my favourite words

Girl - I think girl is an inspirational word because it can stand for Great, Inspirational, Respect, Loving.

Glow - Glow is inspirational because glow means happy.

Calm - Calm feels nice. Calm makes me feel safe. Calm makes me feel happy. Calm makes me feel glad. Calm makes me feel calm.

Fast - you can get fast at something tricky. If you are fast at something you are good at it.

Leap - take a risk, have a go. Go for it. Get better. Leap further each time.

Hack - Hack is inspirational because it makes me strong.

Who knew words could be so much fun. We have found so many inspiring four letter words.  When we started this activity I never thought we would find so many. Words really are amazing.

Curriculum Links

Health and Physical Education - Personal Identify 

Visual Art -  Developing Practical Knowledge  

Key Words: inspiration, wellbeing, class culture,

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Sara Sprague

I have been teaching since 2004. I started teaching at Wairakei Primary School in 2011. I am married to Steve and we have two children – Myles and Amelia. Myles and Amelia both enjoyed their primary school years here at Wairakei Primary School. I am really proud to be part of this school and appreciate all the amazing opportunities that are given to our children.

I like working with children and teaching. I love the fun that can be had and the feeling of being a part of a child’s growth and development. My favourite subject is maths. I appreciate the patterns and connections that can be found in numbers and I enjoy problem-solving. I have trained as a Math Specialist Teacher (MST).

My family and I love living in the Taupō area. When I’m not teaching I enjoy spending time with my family, walking my dog and mountain biking - which is a particular family passion.

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