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Low numbers does not mean we don't mean business

The interschool swimming team ventured off to the AC Baths to compete in the interschool Swimming sport. The initial team was 9 students who had enter…
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Let's get into it!

Spelling is a fundamental aspect of written communication. It enables students to convey their thoughts, ideas, and messages clearly and accurately. T…
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Digital Technology In Action

The build digital technology skills progresses as students move through primary school. These skills are broken down into achievable tasks as part of …
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Writing with a Purpose

Adults, when we sit down to write, do so for a specific purpose and audience. We write letters and emails to express our views, to apply for jobs or t…
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Learning Traditional Māori Stories

Traditional Māori stories or pūrākau are taonga (treasures). They are stories with magical elements that have been passed down orally from generation …
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Timelines in Action

Room 14 has been using drama to  step into the shoes of others. This has fostered an understanding  of Taupō’s history from pre-colonised times to the…

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