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Swimming with the Aratiatia Year 3’s

Learning how to huddle to keep warm was a fun activity and caused lots of giggles. Read more about 'Swimming with the Aratiatia Year 3’s'...

Swim safety 5

Magical Measuring

Some of us used rulers and measured in centimetres and meters and some of us explored using our hand span or feet to measure a distance or height

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Measuring 9

The Mexican Hat Dance

We are comparing and contrasting life in Mexico with our lives in New Zealand

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We have to dance with a partner2

Light Me Up

Room 5 children had a chance to play with the electricity kit called “Light Me Up”

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Light it up1

Science time in Room 5

Experimenting in Room 5 was a lot of fun for all.

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Term 1 Science recap

Using the Steve Spangler science kits - "It's Electric" and "Amazing Air Secrets" the children from various levels and classes explored the kits and what they had to share.

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Room 1 learns some new cricket skills

We had half an hour to learn a new game - heads, shoulders knees, toes and ball. Some throwing and catching skills - some were very tricky, and practice batting. Read more about 'Room 1 learns some new cricket skills'...

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Room One’s visitors from Tokyo, Japan

Room 1 had the pleasure of hosting Hirari and Lico in our class for 3 days. They had flown to New Zealand all by themselves

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Our visitors from Japan 003

Ohaaki team letter

Ohaaki team, Wairakei Primary School, Taupo, term 1 2017 letter for parents, caregivers and whanau

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Ohaaki Team Newsletter Term 1 2017 Page 1

Write on!

Fabulous writing time in Room1. We are getting really good at improving our writing and using our class tools. Read more about 'Write on!'...

Kyle writing1