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3 min Read

Chromebook POWER

Students have become acquainted with new class members, new routines and, for many, a brand-new teacher as well as brand-new Chrome books. The Kiwi re…

Vision and Mission

Wairakei Power Station was commissioned in 1958 and Wairakei Primary School followed not long after on September 7, 1959. Our school history and cultu…
2 min Read

Positive Positional Language

Learning about positional language - under, in, on, in front of, between. To learn positional language effectively,  ‘hands on’ learning experiences a…

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

What is the dream in Room 9 for 2022?  

To apply teamwork skills in a variety of different settings. 
3 min Read


Students look expectantly at Penny Fischbach as the Quick 60 lesson is about to begin. Her enthusiasm and the students' readiness to start their daily…

Bugs for Breakfast

The Captain Marvel reading group read an interesting article in School Journal Level 2 May 2017. The story opened their eyes to the possible benefits …
1 min Read

Terrific TALES Programme Supports Tamariki

TALES is designed to run in the last few weeks of each term and supports groups of students transitioning from the end of the term to the term break. …

Discovering Quoits

Room 13 used the game across several curriculum areas. The first was Physical Education. Quoits uses the whole body and encourages balance and  eye an…
3 min Read

The Magic of Rainbow Reading

In a cosy room tucked away at the back of Room 6 you can find students reading away under the calming influence of Teacher Aide Diana Fitzsimmons. Hea…
2 min Read


When working in a Year 5 class, I was shared an example of building a picture in a reader’s head and to ‘show not tell’ when we write. Here is my exam…

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