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4 min Read

Exploring Art Elements

Room 13’s woven owl Calendar Art project was the perfect opportunity to explore different art elements.

Lines were drawn on a piece of paper to show …
5 min Read

A taste of art

A taste of art has been on the menu in the Te Huka team as students  had  opportunities to experience new forms of art inspired by the teachers in our…

We like to move it, move it

Movewell, the resource for teaching Physical Education as been used by all the teachers are Wairakei Primary School.
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Colourful Fun Run

Wairakei Primary School held  our much anticipated Colour Run to conclude our Matariki Celebrations. This was the finale of the week-long school event…

Measurement Fun

Room 1 explored the mathematics concept of measurement. Non-standard units and standard units were the terms we used  and understood during discussion…
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Tree for every Child

When a student plants a tree, it has a positive impact on the local environment and its community.That’s the thinking.


Over the period of a few days I had the opportunity to work in a Year 1-2 class, a Year 3-4 class and a Year 5-6 class. I chose Matisse as the integra…
6 min Read

Untapping the Skills Within

Art exists in many forms and evokes different meanings for different people. Exploring the idea that everything can be art we have been using the Scot…

Clock Dribble

Sounds like a funny name for a sports game. Students make a large circle and the ball is passed clockwise (to the right) or anti clockwise (to the lef…

2022 MERC Taupō Camp

Our Year 6 students challenged themselves to brave the weather and explore what is in our backyard for the annual Year 6 Camp. We changed things up th…

Rising to Success: Epro8 2022

A week-long technology challenge using materials and tools from the Epro8 Technology Challenge, normally an event we attend in person, competing again…

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