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5 min Read

Full Steam ahead for Tokarewa Programme

Showing POWER at Wairakei Primary has moved up a gear with the launch of the Tokarewa Programme.
9 min Read

Green Makes Me Go

We can experience colour. We can smell and touch colour. We can even feel colour. As part of our Move to Grow inquiry, Room 3 has been exploring colou…

Paint It

We discussed how colour was made, and how easy it is to access any colour we want in the modern age, compared to the middle ages and the renaissance p…

Movewell Team Work makes the Dream Work

What makes a good team, you may wonder? Room 4 are looking at how to cooperate and work together. 

The emphasis is not on winning, but to increase th…
< 1min Read

Let’s read together - The Kings Sock

Share reading is a powerful tool in a teacher’s skill set. A teacher models the skills of a proficient reader including - predicting, examining the pi…
4 min Read

Six Bricks

A group of teachers sit nervously waiting for the Six Bricks -  professional learning to start. Sitting in front of us are six different coloured Dupl…
6 min Read

Science Share - Te Mihi Term 1 Celebration

Te Mihi has seen all classes visited by overseas scientists from around the world, providing exciting, interesting and detailed sessions for our stude…

Where am I? Exploring Positional Language

Room One has been exploring the language of positions and the synonyms for each of them as part of our term inquiry.

Fitness fans

“Come into my team!” It is the familiar cry of the class game, students quickly forming a team with friends, fearing they will miss out and be exclude…
8 min Read

Lake Taupō and the Waikato River - an investigation

The inquiry focus was around water and we live in the perfect place to investigate it. We started by identifying what we already knew about water and …

Poihipi’s PMP

Every morning from 9.30a.m. until 10a.m. Poihipi Team can be seen  jumping, crawling, catching, laughing and having lots of fun, while  practising a v…
6 min Read

Ma te kotahitanga e whai kaha ai tātou

A comment arose which got us thinking and having a very in depth discussion, in which the students showed great maturity and compassion. The comment w…

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