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5 min Read

Animal Battle Bots

Most animals living on earth are hunted by predators, and many species have developed defence mechanisms. Students learned about different types of de…
9 min Read

Developing Independence at School

Developing personal independence at school is important for students. Team Poihipi implements the ‘Independent Learner Licence – Level 1’ to encourage…
3 min Read

Trust Tree

The Trust Tree represents the class agreement to create a positive learning environment. Through several class discussions, the students agreed to wor…

Mack’s Tasty Fruit Salad

I was having a conversation with Mack about his weekend when he mentioned he had made a fruit salad with his mum.

Being a fan of this dessert, I aske…
4 min Read

Reading superstars

During the ‘Moving Our Learning’ inquiry, we exposed ourselves to a wide range of scientific and technical articles during our reading time. Our Kākā …

Prove it

“Learn it , Prove it” is a Wairakei Primary School way of sharing ‘aha’ moments of student learning. When a student gains new understanding, sharing t…


Students have had a variety of fun experiences to build their understanding of geometry concepts. 

Taking Pride in PE

Pride is our POWER value that is about trying your best and celebrating your successes. You may not always do as well as you hope. Sometimes though, i…

Forces of Nature

Who knew nature was so deliberate and engineered?

Our driving question is "How many ways can you move an object (including your body)?"  Students are…
6 min Read

Writing for success

It is important to go through the process of writing, right from pre-planning and brainstorming through to editing, revising and publishing. To do thi…

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