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Discovering Quoits

Room 13 used the game across several curriculum areas. The first was Physical Education. Quoits uses the whole body and encourages balance and  eye an…
3 min Read

The Magic of Rainbow Reading

In a cosy room tucked away at the back of Room 6 you can find students reading away under the calming influence of Teacher Aide Diana Fitzsimmons. Hea…
2 min Read


When working in a Year 5 class, I was shared an example of building a picture in a reader’s head and to ‘show not tell’ when we write. Here is my exam…
4 min Read

Steaming Ahead

2 min Read

World science

Room 9 have had fun exploring the world around them using the House of Science kits. Through a variety of experiments we investigated plants, pests, r…

Learning Together

Throughout any given day at Wairakei Primary School students from across the school can be seen to be learning together. These interactions take place…
3 min Read

Epro8 Challenge 2021

It has been a busy time for our students participating in the local and regional Epro8 Challenge. An inter-school science and engineering competition,…

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